Our National Sport Suffers again!

The British National teams live matches are rarely shown on BBC or ITV but sold to the highest bidder.

Sky TV wins and the average person who cannot afford the monthly fee, looses out.

This is a sign of the times that our National Teams live matches are hardly shown on non pay-to-view TV!

Fans' groups (including me) have called the move an “outrage” with customers being charged between £4.99 and £11.99, depending on how soon they sign up, for Saturday's match against Ukraine.

England have already qualified for the tournament in South Africa next year.

It follows the collapse of pay-TV company Setanta which had been due to broadcast the game.

The government should step in and allow all citizens to see our sportsmen and women perform for Britain free and not have to pay. France are patriotic and show all their games on Free TV so why can we not? Money is the root again!

Come on Mr Brown, give us back our right to watch Sport for the licence fee we pay.

After all, Mr Brown your initials are G.B. So put the great back into Great Britain...

How can we expect our youngsters to be excited about our National game?

Why do I get all worked up?...... It's just typical!


Alex said...

We have this same problem over here in the states. A large majority of us can't even watch our home team play on their home field because broadcast rights were bought out by some satellite or cable company and those without that specific service are stuck with highlights on the local news that night.

I'm currently looking for a source on the internet because this is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

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