Thierry Henry

FIFA have announced that France striker Thierry Henry will not be punished for his handball in last November’s World Cup qualification play-off against the Republic of Ireland.

The world governing body’s disciplinary committee concluded there was “no legal foundation” for them to deal with the case. The decision means Henry will not face a ban for any matches of this summer’s World Cup finals.

“The disciplinary committee reached the conclusion that there was no legal foundation for the committee to consider the case because handling the ball cannot be regarded as a serious infringement as stipulated in article 77a) of the FIFA disciplinary code,” said a FIFA statement listed below:-

"Article 77 Specific jurisdiction

The Disciplinary Committee is responsible for:

a) sanctioning serious infringements which have escaped the match officials’ attention."

So that's it! He has now been cleared but what will the supporters think and how will they react when he runs out at the World Cup Finals? How will affect his future career?

What is this telling our kids? Cheat then say you're sorry after the match, and get away with the crime! Brilliant well done FIFA.