Best Sport?

What's the best sport?
  1. Football (or sometimes called Soccer, for some reason by Americans mainly!)
  2. Rugby (Union or League - played by real mean (supposely who are gentlemen!) with a very odd shaped ball toboot)
  3. Cricket (Traditionally an English game old chap, it's rules however can be a little confusing)
  4. Tennis (& other net games ... badminton & ping pong)
  5. Racing (Including cars, motorbikes, motocross, pedal power and even horses)
  6. American Football (Rugby with extra padding & the ball can be passed forwards.)
  7. Baseball (Rounders really......... for grown ups!)
  8. Golf (One man and a small white ball verses the countryside)
  9. Swimming (All over in a splash)
  10. Hockey (Either on or not on ice)

Please post a comment to me of "other sports" that are not in the list.

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