English 2007/8 football season closes...

So what of it? Another season draws to a close and what's happened that we did not expect to occur during this season? Whilst the English National side failed to qualify for Euro 2008, the top two English sides made it to the Champions League Final in Moscow! I understand that there are many non English players in both sides, but it is an odd fact. Perhaps this may kick start the England Team into action!!

Premier League Winners:- Man United or Chelsea (predictable from the outset, with the possible inclusion of Arsenal who fell away late into the season). In the end Man United won the title.

Relegation:- Derby - their squad was not added to when they got promoted - So they were always going to struggle. A note of warning for their replacements next year. Fulham managed to win their final match to send Birmingham City & Reading down.

FA Cup.. For a change, the top teams are not in the final. Good for the game that is dominated by large clubs & money driven. It's ironic that Cardiff supporters will have to go to Wembley for the final & not stay in their home town, or will Pompy come good after their recent bad form?

New Arrivals to the Premier League next year? Who will join West Brom & Stoke? Will they do any better than the three sides that came down will do? It's going to be very tough for these teams.

The pick for me from the other leagues: Leicester going down from the Championship, they continue their slide down the leagues. In League One, Leeds ended up with 76 points which was a fantastic achivement to get into the play-offs, as before a ball has been kicked that they were deducted 15 points. They could have gone up as runners up. League Two, MK Dons keep up there march through the divisions, whereas Wrexham drop out of the league to be replaced by Aldershot.

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