Best Sport?

What's the best sport?
  1. Football (or sometimes called Soccer, for some reason by Americans mainly!)
  2. Rugby (Union or League - played by real mean (supposely who are gentlemen!) with a very odd shaped ball toboot)
  3. Cricket (Traditionally an English game old chap, it's rules however can be a little confusing)
  4. Tennis (& other net games ... badminton & ping pong)
  5. Racing (Including cars, motorbikes, motocross, pedal power and even horses)
  6. American Football (Rugby with extra padding & the ball can be passed forwards.)
  7. Baseball (Rounders really......... for grown ups!)
  8. Golf (One man and a small white ball verses the countryside)
  9. Swimming (All over in a splash)
  10. Hockey (Either on or not on ice)

Please post a comment to me of "other sports" that are not in the list.


onesmudge said...

Jonny you could save a lot of time and trouble if you just put Rugby up there! Who in their right mind watches anything else?!

Sean said...

Hello Jonny,

Sean here who edits

Like your blog, good mix of topics, but what about snooker, pool and darts do you regard them as sports or just a competitive recreational past time???

jonny on the ball said...

You'd be amazed what sports people actually watch. They may not admit to their friends. Rugby is popular but it's still a form of controlled violence made to look like a gentlemans game!

jonny on the ball said...

Sean... Nice blog site too.. keep it up with regular posts..

Now then the subject of what is a sport or not? Snooker & Pool are Club & Pub games. Hardly exciting sportsmen are they! Darts... The proportion seems to be the bigger & fatter they are the better.. Sorry I'm in the corner of a sport should have some interaction between players/teams and not just "you first" & I'll follow after you've done! We want action..

Mike said...

Hello from New York! I love Soccer! It is the only sport I watch all the time.

jonny on the ball said...

Happy to have you onboard mike.

Kashif said...

I think they are all best because it does not matter which game it is what matters is what game interests you more !