Home and Away !

Apparently the Premier League has announced that it was "considering" staging an extra 39th round of matches in five overseas countries starting in the 2010-11 season, with Sydney and Melbourne mooted among possible venues?

How will this work, who will they all play against and where? At the moment the 20 teams all play each other twice which is 38 games. That's the simple bit. 19 home games and 19 away games.

The proposed 39th game will it count towards the final league table or is it for the away fans of Man United (for example) in Sydney to see one live match? Marketing, money making or a thank you for loyal fans overseas?

Proposed format (but don't hold me to this!)

Four clubs to travel to one of five host cities, with two games taking place in each venue over a weekend (10 matches, 20 teams). Cities would bid for the right to become a host, not for individual matches. Points earned from the games would count towards the final Premier League table.

Confused? .....................You and everyone else will be !

p.s. If the proposals are not clear how can anyone be for or against it?

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