The 100 metres roll of shame.

Why do so many professional sportsmen & women feel the need to cheat by using drugs? The obvious answer is to get ahead of the others who have chosen not to, but is it that simple?

The latest example the british athelete Dwain Chambers was caught and served his ban and now has been chosen to represent his country once again. What message does that send out to the young? He served his punnishment for abusing the system and he says that he's clean. Many believe that his punnishment should have been a life ban, would this have sent out a stronger message to those who are tempted to go down that route?

Chambers was European 100m champion, had been banned from sport for two years after being found guilty of a doping offence by an independent Disciplinary Committee. Perhaps he should be given a second chance to prove that he has learnt his lesson? If he does it a second time then it should be a life ban!

1) Chambers is in a long line of cheats that have been caught..... Other cheats.....include....

The 100m roll of shame

* BEN JOHNSON - Won Olympic 100m gold in 1988 but tested positive for the anabolic steroid Stanozolol.

* JASON LIVINGSTON - Before the 1992 Games, tested positive for the steroid methandianone.

* DWAIN CHAMBERS - Tested positive for the "designer" steroid tetrahydrogestrinone after being implicated in the Balco scandal.

* LINFORD CHRISTIE - The 1992 Olympic champion tested positive for nandrolone at the end of his career.

* TIM MONTGOMERY - Banned after being implicated in the Balco scandal.

* MICHELLE COLLINS- Banned after being implicated in the Balco scandal.

* KELLI WHITE- Banned after testing positive for the stimulant modafinil.

* CHRYSTE GAINES - Banned after testing positive for modafinil

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