New Olympic Events for 2012 and beyond...

The International Olympic Committee’s Executive Board (EB) has approved the inclusion of women’s boxing for the Games in London in 2012 and will propose the sports of golf and rugby for inclusion in the 2016 Olympic programme.

The key factors in determining a sport’s suitability for the Olympic programme include youth appeal, universality, popularity, good governance, respect for athletes and respect for the Olympic values. “Golf and rugby scored high on all the criteria,” .........“They have global appeal, a geographically diverse line-up of top iconic athletes and an ethic that stresses fair play.”

On a more amusing, note how about some other suggestions for some other event to be included, such as.....

* "Free Range" egg and spoon race.
* Sack race or the three legged race.
* Hide and seek...?
* Tag
* The Wheelbarrow race ...
* Father and son race?

or perhaps the... well known " Pin the tail on the donkey" !

Any other ideas?


lj said...

Good for the women boxers! I don't watch boxing but I feel that if there are enough women in the sport they should have the opportunity to be in the Olympics just like any other sport does.
Pin the tail on the Donkey would be one I could win a gold metal in!! lol

ArtiNALife said...

funny.. tags would be great in olympics :)

mantiz said...

I really like the sound of " Pin the tail on the donkey" ! lol
keep bloggin bro :)

jonny on the ball said...

.... come on... we want "Pin the tail on the donkey" ... it would just be fantastic !!