Should we exercise or not?

The western world is faced with ever increasing signs of people becoming obese; this is brought about by an ever changing lifestyle.

Due to the ever increasing cost of living, people seek to earn more money in order to stand still and the pace of life becomes faster and faster. This creates a situation where they snatch meals and in particular meals of junk food, and when they arrive home in the evening they drop into an easy chair and watch the T.V.

In addition there is the tendency for people to become lazy, taking the easy way out, again by visiting the local burger bar and watching more Television, as the number of programs increase year by year.

This concept, favored by many adults, then is disseminated to their children and we are therefore encouraging a new generation of couch potatoes, and so the circle widens. To add to the down turn, there is less activity in schools than years ago, when teachers and parents used to volunteer time in the evenings to do sport with pupils.

This brings us to the question, as to whether we should exercise regularly and also what type of exercise should we do!

Some form of exercise is of paramount importance in maintaining a healthy life and there are numerous forms of achieving this, in fact, everyone could find a suitable system, if they were of a mind to improve their fitness.

Additionally, it does not necessarily take a lot of time, if they were to research what is available. With the Internet now a big part of our life, it is far simpler to find out about such things, than it was 20 years ago.

What form of exercise should we be looking at?

The first point to consider is how healthy you are at this point in time, and it would be advisable, if you are uncertain, to have a word with your doctor, before considering the route to take.

Even so, whatever you decide to do, it is wise to undertake a very easy entry route into physical exercise. It is also quite easy to find a routine that only takes 7 -10 minutes at a convenient time during the day.

Once you have decided that you want to become fitter and healthier and have embarked on a simple program, and then it is wise to think about the next stage!

This will obviously depend on your age and your overall body condition. Maybe you will want to join a fitness gym, you will certainly receive expert advice and tuition, but perhaps walking for 20 minutes on a treadmill etc., does not appeal to you. Perhaps you will look at taking up a sport that you did at school !

The added advantage of taking up a sport, such as tennis, is that you can join a club and meet many new people, who will make your participation much more enjoyable, you will make lots of new friends and it is also a sociable.

Make certain, whatever you decide to do, that the club is not elitist and that everyone can partake, irrespective of ability.

Other easy forms of exercise, which are equally rewarding, are walking and hiking; find a local group who go on guided walks etc., Join a swimming club, this again is one of the best forms of workout; if you can't swim and feel a little embarrassed, seek private lessons, an understanding coach will arrange these at of peek times.

There are forms of exercise that we can all do if we put our mind to it; take up an allotment, digging is a great form of exercise, providing you don't over do it initially, and the rewards of your own produce makes it very worthwhile.

Even doing the housework, vacuuming etc., is better than nothing.

It is extremely important to make a change and start regular exercise - get to it!
If you would like to consider a home fitness workout; you will be helped continuously and program updated to suit your needs and make it fun!



yanjiaren said...

u are very right. We are living a fairly unnatural life as it is. I do tai ji and qi gong and gonna start swimming as soon as I have my menopause under control! I am just starting a herbal remedy intake for it at the moment!

Peter J. Crowley said...

Simple tasks that used to be routine exercise for example raking leaves in the fall are now done with leaf blowers, used in the spring to clean sidewalks. Both of these activities could provide exercise but what they provide is pollution and use of fossil fuels. Perhaps while speaking of lazy couch potatoes and pollution we could look at the simple act of walking into a fast food burger joint [insert bank, drug store or any other anti social drive through] I rarely eat fast "food" any more but on the most beautiful spring day the lines of idling autos waiting to super size their belly or withdraw cash from their dwindling bank account[someone has to pay for gas and corp jets]are longer than the lines inside where you have to park and walk fifty feet to get to and inside you find more employees servicing the drive through customers. It's convenient and besides who needs to have social interaction with a human when you can speak to the plastic clown, "give me extra cheese and salt". Obese people are more easily manipulated and the list of leaders spewing out venom leading them with lies grows faster than the waistline. It's not "News" to them that the "Fox" is in the hen house. Sorry to rant on here like the blog Jonny. enjoy pjc

Margaret Elmendorf said...

You are so right about needing exercise. Thanks I needed that little push. Much easier to sit in front of this computer. I don't eat fast food, but I don't exercise much and need to do more. Might try cleaning my house to start with.

Nothing Profound said...

I've been an athlete and avid exerciser all my life. Gymnastics, bodybuilding, yoga, calisthenics- I've enjoyed it all. Now that I'm older, it's mostly walking, a little jogging, core exercises. and stretching.

Thanks for visiting my blog so frequently. I never see a comment, so I never know what you think.

hossam reffat said...

very nice blog's the 1st time i visit your blog but it won't be the last ..thanx alot..

Anonymous said...

Find something you enjoy doing. That will make it easier to get into a routine and stick to it!

alicia27 said...

Very good article! I work on the computer, and can be guilty of "skipping" my exercise, in the name of earning more money. Money isn't gonna do me much good, though, if my health is sacrificed.

Glen said...

An interesting idea, I can see what you are suggesting has some merit.
However can I add that I read somewhere that you use more calories eating cucumber than you get from it, And so I always ask for cucumber to be put in the salad (which I also do not dodge)that comes with my Kebab. I'm pretty certain that this works, though the results have thus far been slow to show.

Hang on it might have been celery?

good blog.