Superb Spain Claim Euro 2008 Crown

So there you have it Spain won the Euro 2008 Football Tournament beating Germany 1-0 in Vienna. Finally they have achieved to win a major competition which has been long coming! It was 44 years ago that they last triumphed.... Congratulations to a fabulous side who played consistently in this competition from the very first match when they demolished Russia 4-1. So were they surprising winners? No not really, because they entertained, were positive in their approach, they kept possession and were patient even when under pressure. They matured as they progressed in this competition and whoever they played against they kept to their game plan of being comfortable on the ball, passing moving and never resorting to long ball tactics. Strong throughout the squad as was demonstrated in their last group match where they almost had a reserve team out. Different players but playing the same way.

Always loaded with talented players, Spain has spent four decades falling short of expectations. Now they have proved the critics that they can win a major competition!

Well done Spain...!

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